Chart Fu (TM) - Annotate Any Stock Chart


Chart Fu is an easy-to-use desktop app that you can use to annotate any stock chart.  Watch the 30-second clip on the right for a quick run-down.


Chart Fu is ideal for keeping a technical analysis journal, sharing your charts on forums, publishing them to blogs, or just sending to friends through email.

  • See examples.  Check out charts that have been annotated with Chart Fu.
  • Try it free.  Download a 30-day trial and take it for a test drive.
  • Buy Now for $14.95.  Chart Fu is a steal compared to other graphics-oriented tools and investing services that require monthly subscriptions.
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NEW!  Chart Fu Plug-in for Twitter ®

Now you can "Tweet" your charts directly from Chart Fu.

To get the free Twitter ® plug-in and learn more about Chart Fu plug-ins, visit the Plug-ins page.

We make frequent, incremental enhancements to Chart Fu based on user feedback.  To stay current, check for Chart Fu updates.


Here is a quick list of the features you'll find in Chart Fu to help you annotate a stock chart.

  • Draw cup-n-handle and saucer bases.
  • Draw double-bottom bases.
  • Draw symmetrical, ascending and descending triangles.
  • Draw trend lines.
  • Draw channel lines (2 and 3 Line).
  • Draw 5 and 3 line Elliot Wave patterns.
  • Draw N-line "zig-zag" patterns.
  • Draw Fibonacci retracement/projection pattern.
  • Draw call-out with pointer.
  • Draw common shapes such as arrows, boxes, and circles.
  • Set color and line thickness of annotations.
  • Change font style of labels and call-outs.
  • Set background colors (including transparency) of boxes, call-outs, circles, etc.
  • Apply "highlighting" using box tool and "translucency" feature.
  • Overlay supporting graphics onto your chart to create information-rich annotations.
  • Import any chart via drag-drop, file-open, or screen-print and paste from clipboard.
  • Export annotated chart to common formats including .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpg, and .pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF).
  • Record notes for each chart.
  • Import annotations between Chart Fu files.
  • Screen capture feature to pull an unlimited number of images and graphics into your annotations.
  • Extend and integrate Chart Fu with "Plug-ins" feature and the Microsoft® .NET Framework.
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